Security Career Guidance

Security Career Guidance

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The field of security encompasses a broad spectrum these days. In ancient times, security was the responsibility of the military who maintained law and order throughout a community. Today, security includes police officers, court and prison systems, information/cyber security, homeland security, and private security.

The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 in London formed the first modern police force, the London Metropolitan Police. This force served as a model for United States police forces, including the earliest formed units in Boston in 1839 and New York City in 1845. Formal standards for police operations were not created until the 1920s, and since then, law enforcement in the United States has served as one of the country's basic foundations and has spurred the growth of the criminal justice field. In 2004, more than 2 million Americans were in prison, making criminal justice especially important today.

Another arm of security that has become vital is that of information security. Computer crimes have been occurring since the 1970s, and as the country has become more dependent on computer systems, crime has increased. Some of the nation's largest corporations and government agencies have been left vulnerable after an attack. Identity theft is a growing concern, as well, and it is more important than ever to have qualified people working diligently to prevent such crimes.

The security field is broad and includes a variety of educational programs and career possibilities. The information here at can help one navigate the myriad of choices available.

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